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What is this new technology?

Our body is more comfortable when we know its not painful or intense and this is the greatest motivation to continue our health journey. Techno fit training procedures involve a series of activities which enhances your body toning and strengthen your muscles. In case of injury our total concentration will be on stimulating the dysfunctional muscles and returning it to the normal working state through physiotherapic methods.

While the regular gym training or exercise only stimulates your fast twitch muscles, technofit training uses a wearable device that is attached to the body and stimulates most of your muscles through tiny and safe electrodes that accelerates your workout and enhances your body toning results. Thus .through the stimulation all set of muscles are made to work even under a light load.

In our training process we try to increase your metabolism which helps in reducing the fat from the most stubborn areas like around your waist, hips and thighs thus automatically toning and sculpting your body. Our sports events are also a very effective platform to regain your fitness both physical as well as mental. Apart from this we here have a completely different package for the kids involving activities under the supervison of a trainer with years of experience and expertize.
Why is it better than regular workout?

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Techno fit technology training at home

Is it possible to continue your Technofit training even without going to the centre ? Yes, it is absolutely possible to have a nice workout session at home alongwith managing the household tasks . Therefore , it is the best choice to carry on with your busy schedule . It is also the best option if you are not very comfortable going to public gyms. We are providing you an absolutely comforting and easy service so that you can continue with your journey towards a healthy and fit life style. You will have your own personal trainer who is going to keep an eye on all the training related activities.
Here are the services related to your personal trainer:
• Your personal trainer is always there to keep an eye on the intensity of electric current which is an important task for our training procedure .
• He will instruct and direct the exercises which needs to be performed according to your training schedule.
• Your trainer will always be there to direct you towards proper posture and form while executing the exercises so that you may avoid any injury while working out.
• Your training procedure will be completely customised depending on your individual goal.
• You shouldn't worry if you need proper motivation and derivation force for carrying out your training on the regular basis because our trainers are well trained to motivate you for a healthy lifestyle.
• You can schedule an appointment whenever you want and can develop a workout routine according to your own schedule and physical conditions.
• We also have a nutritional program which will be assisted to you by your trainer who will develop your nutritional plan according to your goal , schedule and lifestyle.

Is it Safe?

Generally speaking, the electric currents that you are exposed to are completely harmless! The neural mechanism behind our device is the same as your body’s own. The only difference is that the electric signal that causes the muscle to contract is applied externally. However there are certain contraindications that need to be taken into account.

Prior to your first Training session a trainer will sit down with you and go through your medical history to see if any contraindications are present.

Since these are mostly very serious conditions on their own, a general common sense approach to working out is enough to ensure a safe session.

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Techno fit training for rehabilitation

If you are looking for the rehabilitation program for your health benefits then we the Technofit training centre promise you the most effective treatment be it physical issues or internal injury. We have been a leading training centre in this regard in the UAE because our technology is concerned with not only making you lose your extra weight but also treating any medical condition which might affect your physical health.

We have been dealing with patients who are suffering from constant pain due to injuries caused due to accidents or underlying causes. Our rehabilitation programs focus on wellbeing as well as preparing you mentally to carry on with the training procedures and achive hundred percent efficiency in functioning . We deal with patients who are not able to have a hold of the functioning of their voluntary muscles. Age is also one of the deciding factors in developing your training schedule as the intensity and type of exercise is decided according to the age . Other important things which matter are your working hours and type of work you are involved in?

In addition to this, we use our technology in collaboration with physiotherapic procedures to provide relief muscle memory as well as complete muscle activation. It acts as a form of pain relief for patients who are unable to take anti inflammatory tablets whereby the soothing effect of electrical impulses cures the patient of the rigidity which might have occurred in the muscle area. We take the full responsibility of discovering the malfunctioning or non functioning muscle and assist the required exercise accordingly.

We provide the following services in case of underlying medical conditions:
• Technofit training programme can be used to reduce pain and comfort muscles.
• Muscle contraction is another area which we focus via different intensities of electrical impulses to stimulate muscles and help maintain muscle toning.
• Following a stroke the malfunctioning muscles can also be handled via our training procedure.
• Urinary incontinence is also treated by our technology as we stimulate the pelvic floor muscles to contract and relax artificially.
• Our training can also be implemented post surgery.
• Age related disorders are very efficiently handled and cured.

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