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Technofit company provides a number of services to a range of people from all age groups. We ensure health benefits along with enjoyment and socialisation so that all type of physical and mental healing could be provided. Our services include:

Corporate and Wellness

Corporate Wellness programmes take a holistic approach of creating a Wellness culture within a company. It actually means taking action to cultivate healthy habits among employees to increase productivity health and encourage movements. It is something beyond traditional healthcare because it offers implementing strategies to improve health outcomes. The aim behind this program is to facilitate wellness so that you can improve the working environment.

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Personal training for adults and kids

Since a majority of the population nowadays is not able to follow a healthy lifestyle and is involved in over eating as a result obesity is the fastest growing problem in both adults and kids . However, there are certain differences between the adults and kids and therefore their problems need to be tackled differently. So we provide personal trainers as per the necessity of the age group one is dealing with. Their diet, exercises and the equipments are dealt accordingly by the personal trainers.

Holiday camps

As we have already mentioned earlier we not only deal with physical health but also focus on the mental health of the individual. Therefore, we organise holiday camps in order to make our members enjoy while providing them a platform to improve their fitness both mentally and physically. Our holiday camps include a lot of activities and events.

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Sport events

Since fitness is all about sports and sports is all about fitness. Therefore , we believe in organising sport events for our members through which they can enjoy sports while also getting motivated to improve their fitness level . Our main aim behind conducting these events is to maintain high motivation among our members regarding their health and fitness. A series of events are organised and also members from other organisations are invited to perform.

After school activities

Talking about now a days to ensure healthy lifestyle it is very important for children to participate in some extra curricular activities especially related to sports and fitness. Therefore, we the technofit company provide after school activities related to sports and fitness so that these important aspects of life are also focused upon while dealing with studies simultaneously. We have regular programs regarding these after school activities and have personal trainers for these purposes who very well understand the needs and demands of this age group.

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