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Who We Are?

Not able to lose weight after all those hours of hardwork in the gym? Probably your body needs a different kind of treatment. So we the techno fit company are here to accompany you in your journey of being fit and healthy. Sometimes after being involved in exercises over years we realize that we are not meeting the demands of our body. We provide you the essential training in regard to health both physical and mental. Also, we have personal trainers to target different clients in different age groups. Because actually there are a few muscles which are dormant and have not been probably in proper use due to age or continuous posture. So we the technofit are here with completely new technology. In our latest achievement we have successfully implemented the use of certain equipments which along with high intense whole body workout uses electrical impulse to stimulate those muscles which are not actively used during training in the gym.

Since in todays world, time is an important factor.

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What is techno fit training?

Our body is more comfortable when we know its not painful or intense and this is the greatest motivation to continue our health journey. Techno fit training procedures involve a series of activities which enhances your body toning and strengthen your muscles. In case of injury our total concentration will be on stimulating the dysfunctional muscles and returning it to the normal working state through physiotherapic methods.

While the regular gym training or exercise only stimulates your fast twitch muscles, technofit training uses a wearable device that is attached to the body and stimulates most of your muscles through tiny and safe electrodes that accelerates your workout and enhances your body toning results. Thus .through the stimulation all set of muscles are made to work even under a light load.

In our training process we try to increase your metabolism which helps in reducing the fat from the most stubborn areas like

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